CIIA Client/Server™ Server - Card Instant Issuance

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CIIA Client/Server™ Server

CIIA™ Server
The server part is installed at a central location, usually in the EDP room.

The server acts as a switch and message translator between the clients and the institution’s card management system or card repository system.

Server retrieve card data (request); triggers the EMV data preparation module to generate EMV data; transfers required dataset to clients for the actual card personalization (response) and finally updates the card authorization system with the new card data.

In summary, the server performs the following tasks:
Transaction switch and message protocol management.
Interface with CIF, card management system and card authorization system.
Interface technologies: file exchange, transactional req/res and web service.
EMV data preparation, EMV key management, EMV card personalization.
MIS reporting.
Operation log, error log, on-line trace and audit trail log.
Real time transaction monitoring.
Users’ definition and access control management.
Branch’s definition and security keys management.
Security algorithms, message fields encryption/decryption and message MACing.
Card electronic inventory.
HSMs interface.
PIN generation and selection support.
PIN Pads Key Management support.
Database management.

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