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CIIA Client/Server™ Database

CIIA™ Database
The database of the system stores and manages the system parameters.

Data that are stored and managed in the database are:
Users (user names, passwords, access and operational rights).
Branches (branch parameters that are participating in the system).
Card products (card types) that are permitted to be personalized by the system.

Card Products are layered in an hierarchical fashion such as: Organization (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, National, Bank), Type (credit, debit, ATM, cash, affinity etc), Sub-Type (classic, gold platinum etc), BIN, Sub-BIN and parameters per product sub-type and BIN/Sub-BIN such as expiration date, service code, limits, TRACK-II discretionalry data layaout (PVKi, PVV enable/disable etc).

Account types (account types that can be linked with each new card).
Logs: Operational log, Error log, on-line trace (when enable) and audit trail log.
Card Issuance Management System - CIMS™ tenant :

CIMS™ is a card issuance database application that generates all card details, TRACK-I and TRACK-II in case that the issuing institution does not have such functionality in place.

DemoCAMS tenant:

DemoCAMS is a demo card issuance database application that simulates a real card issunace system for demo and test purposes.

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